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Hire a Licensed Tree Arborist

Tree ArboristA tree arborist, often referred to as a "tree doctor" or "tree specialist", can help you protect and repair your most beloved trees. At Southern Environmental, we aren't just a team of tree trimmers and tree removal experts. Rather, we have a certified arborist who can help you determine if your tree is salvageable, and if so, how to restore it to its former glory with needed tree trimming, fertilizers, and more. If you are in need of tree services, such as tree trimming, removal, or improving the health of your trees, Southern Environmental can help. Speak to our experts today for more information.

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Benefits of Hiring a Tree Arborist for Trimming & Removal

Unlike standard tree trimming companies, an arborist and ISA certified tree specialist will ensure that any trimmings won't damage the overall health of the tree. Too often, we see overzealous trimmers who cause great damage to once stately trees - sometimes destroying the health of the tree altogether. When you are hiring a company to complete tree trimming on your residential or commercial property, be sure to inquire about their credentials and expertise because the only way to guarantee that your tree is not damaged beyond repair is to hire a professional arborist.

Southern Environmental is owned by a ISA certified arborist who is specially trained in tree health, and we approach every job with the expert care it requires to ensure healthy trees year in and year out. We can consult with you on your tree health, recommend steps you can take to protect your trees, provide tree trimming services that won't damage the overall health of your trees, and haul any of your tree limbs and other waste away from your property on the same day as your service. Or, if your tree(s) are past the point of resurrection, we can remove the tree from your property altogether. We have the tools, team, and equipment to provide best-in-class service from start to finish.

If you are looking for tree trimming services or would like a consultation on tree removal, please contact our experts today.

It's Important to Hire a CERTIFIED Arborist

This tool allows you to verify if an individual currently holds an ISA credential. It includes all individuals who are currently credentialed through the ISA credentialing program.
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